Sissy Sacrifice

You’re now half-way down the SRH (sissification rabbit hole) and ready for the sissy sacrifice. You could easily turn around right now and scurry back out, with your sissy tail between your legs.

Or, you could pause, take more than a few deep breaths, and loiter around for a while before choosing to continue.

My advice is to think clearly—and carefully—before going any further because…

Once you make what could be called “a sissy’s greatest sacrifice“—there may be no turning back.

If you think about it, the word sacrifice is really just another way of saying choice.

And what is this sissy sacrifice or choice that you should be seriously considering?

That your pathetic cock will never cum like a man—ever again—in any way shape or form!

That means… no more male masturbation. It’s time for sissy sacrifice.

No more fucking girls! Not with your cock anyway.

Depending on your specific sissy situation that could be an easy decision to make. Or an incredibly difficult one.

For example: if you’re single, have a small cock and haven’t gotten close enough to even smell pussy in quite sometime, then this might be an easy sacrifice/choice for you to make.

Just put yourself in a chastity device, find a keyholder and you’re good to go.

On the other hand, if you’re in a LTR with a GG and she expects to be fucked on a regular—or not so regular—basis, then you understandably might balk at making this so-called sissy sacrifice.

If you happen to be in a relationship where your partner knows about and encourages your sissification endeavors, then there are some creative choices available to you.

She might place you in permanent chastity and have you don a strap-on when she needs a cock.

How erotically cruel would that be?

Or, if she requires a real cock, she could keep you in chastity and turn you into her cuckold.

You’re really only limited by your sissy imagination. Which, I imagine, can be pretty damn kinky!

Of course taking this step and making this sacrifice is NOT for every sissy.

It’s only for sissies that feel the desire to treat this sissification lifestyle thing as a serious endeavor. Perhaps I should have put the word SERIOUS in bold caps.

Anyway, like I mentioned previously, you should pause to ponder where you’re sitting right now in the SRH.

Consider carefully before making the choice to proceed. Once you commit past this point, it can be difficult—if not impossible—to turn back.

I’m fully aware that having your sissy clitty locked away for good—while abstaining from pussy forever—is a powerfully erotic fantasy that doesn’t quite so easily play out in the real world.

That being said, I’m absolutely sure that there are thousands of sissies all over the world that are living this type of sissy lifestyle as you’re reading this.

Certainly it would help immensely to have a dominate keyholder in your life to lead you further down the sissification rabbit hole.

Maybe you do.

If not, you gotta start somewhere. And the best place to begin would by getting a chastity device. Or, perhaps a new one?

I wrote an informative article about chastity cages that will assist you in making an intelligent buying decision.

If all this talk about having your limp, chaste clitty being permanently placed in chastity sounds humiliating… well, it is.

Many sissies simply crave the humiliation aspect of sissification. Register on our sissy chat site and see what we’re talking about.

We’ll try wrapping our pretty little heads around that tomorrow.

Talk to you then princess.