Sissy Chastity and keyholder

You’ve managed to make it all the way down the sissification rabbit hole princess. This is the 10th and final message of this SRH email series.

On to Day 10 – Sissy Chastity and keyholder

Let’s assume that you’ve come to the conclusion that long term chastity will enable you to go further down the sissification rabbit hole.

You’re convinced that wearing a chastity device will turn you into a more committed and enthusiastic sissy.

A question you might ask… “Where do I put the key to said chastity device where a weak sissy such as I won’t be able to get my pretty little hands on it?

And we all know the answer, don’t we? You entrust the key that locks away your waning manhood to another person.

Preferably a dominate person who you can rely on to keep you under lock-and-key for an appropriate amount of time.

A Keyholder.

If you happen to be a super-lucky-sissy who has a local—or live-in—Domme or Dom that has taken charge of transforming you into a properly chastised sissy, then you need not read any further. You have your keyholder.

If that’s not the case, then there are other keyholder options that are available to you.

Once upon a time, lacking someone local to hold onto their key, a sissy could simply mail it to a non-local Dominate—a remote keyholder. Of course there are logistical issues with this approach. Emergencies. Lost key in the mail. Etc.

Now-a-days, sissies have become extremely resourceful in devising remote keyholder systems that work with, or without, a ‘live’ keyholder.

These methods can include app controlled chastity devices, various types of tamper-proof boxes (to hold the key in), small safes and vaults or even a simple luggage combination lock that would attach directly to the cock cage.

Even though there are a number of ingenious ways that have been devised to facilitate remote keyholding…

I’m going to focus on just one, drop-dead-simple method.

To begin, the sissy retains possession of the key to her chastity device. But… that key is locked inside of a small, combination lockbox. Think ‘real estate lockbox’, but perhaps less bulky.

So the sissy has her chastity cage on and has clicked the lock shut. She then puts the key inside the lockbox. But before spinning the combination wheel she snaps a photo of the combination (with her eyes closed).

The image file of the combination can now be transferred electronically to the remote keyholder. The remote keyholder could be a person—living anywhere in the world or…

An app. Or a keyholding site. Yes, there are more than a few to choose from.

The app, site or human keyholder controls when (and if) the chastised sissy is given the combination to the lockbox—which was previously reset by the sissy (also with her eyes closed).

This lockbox could even have bluetooth capabilities but… in the spirit of simplicity, we’re not gonna consider that here.

For this remote keyholder system to work you need three things:

  1. A chastity device
  2. A combination lockbox
  3. A remote keyholder (real person, app or site)

I would suggest learning more about Sissy Chastity and keyholder by reading this article that I recently wrote about these devious devices.

Anyways, the whole idea is to make it far enough down the SRH to where you’re living a permanently chastised lifestyle—with the help of a chastity device or not—and experiencing only girly-girl types of orgasms (aka sissygasms).

It’s been said by some sissies that they would give a testicle to achieve a sissygasm.

When you arrive at that cherished place, you’ve taken sissification to where it could—and should—be.

That’s my desired destination. Maybe it’s yours too!

In the meantime, this is the 10th and final installment of this “Down the Sissification Rabbit Hole” series.

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I invite you to stick around sweetie.