Sissification and Sissygasm

Let’s talk about Sissification and Sissygasm. Being a sissy is a fantastic fantasy. Some regard sissification as a fascinating fetish. Most sissies would agree that it’s exquisitely erotic.

That is… until the enthusiasm and motivation wear off; as it always seems to do. Right after you get yourself off by watching some sissy hypno porn.


But what if you could be an enthusiastic sissy 100% of the time? Or even close to 100%.

What would it feel like to live in a perpetually aroused state of a submissively, subservient sissy?

That’s what living a sissification lifestyle is all about. Crawling down the SRH to a place where most so-called sissies will never have the courage to go.

The key to living such a sissy lifestyle is to ensure that you keep yourself in a semi-aroused state of erotic denial.

I’m not talking about the testosterone-fueled arousal of a typical male. It’s about maintaining a mild form of perpetual frustration.

If you can learn to live in that sissified-state, you will be motivated to feel and act like a sissy… most of the time anyway.

You will walk around emanating the sensuous, sexy vibe of a woman instead of the crass horniness of a man.

The best way to stop experiencing powerful—and unwanted—male-like sexual urges is to simply stop cumming like a man.

No more jerking off two, three, four or five times per week. In fact, no more jerking off like a male at all.

You train yourself to cum once per week… at first anyway. Then once every two weeks. Then once per month. And never in a manly manner.

As you stretch out the intervals between those girly-like orgasms, you’re probably gonna need some help. Like maybe a chastity device?

This is a drop-dead simple concept. If you continue to cum like a man, with your hand wrapped around your cock, you will feel like a man.

If you want to feel like a sissified slut, then learn to cum like one. See Examples Here

You tuck your limp little sissy clitty down—underneath your panties—between your legs. Then you lightly nub the head with one finger only (two at the most).

This method of masturbation will take longer to reach a climax than you’re used to… maybe 20 minutes or longer. Much like a girl.

There will be no explosive male-like orgasm that will leave you, for the time being, unmotivated and uninterested in sex.

That’s the way it’s worked out for me anyway.

Nubbing your sissy clitty in this fashion is but another stop down the sissification rabbit hole.

Eventually your area of sexual arousal will begin moving further backwards as you learn to explore other erogenous zones of your body.

The ultimate sissy goal of course is to train yourself to cum while stimulating your prostate gland with a dildo, or even a vibrating prostate massager—with no stimulation of your sissy clitty at all.

Sissification and Sissygasm: this is where soft-theory meets bare-knuckled reality.

Experiencing sissygasms such as this, on a regular basis, is going to take some time and a lot of practice.

Sexually denying yourself by wearing a chastity cage can help to shorten that time considerably. You can read all about them in my Sissy Chastity Devices article.

Once you are able to achieve a true sissygasm, my guess is that you will lose all desire to cum like a real man ever again.

In anticipation of that earth-moving event, you will want to prepare yourself to make what is sometimes referred to as… a sissy’s greatest sacrifice.

Personally, I’m not overly fond of the ‘S word’. But we’ll discuss this so-called sacrifice tomorrow.

Until then… stay horny and focus on girly-girl thoughts darling.