Sissy Sexual Preferences

Before moving further down the SRH (aka sissification rabbit hole), it would be a good idea to nail down your sissy sexual preferences.

Just to be clear (I probably don’t need to be telling you this), with sexual preferences we’re never talking about gender identity.

Let’s get this gender thing out of the way first.

Unlike the past, we now have more than one way in which to view gender. Once upon a time, your gender was your sex—M or F—assigned at birth; depending on whether you had a wee-wee or not.

While your ‘sex’ is determined by biology and chromosomes, modern day ‘gender’ is more of a psychological/social construct and depends on which gender, M or F, you more closely identify with.

You might alternatively see yourself as being either gender fluid or non-binary, falling somewhere in between (or completely outside) the two more popular extremes of M and F.

Cis, short for cisgender, applies to those who identify with their assigned sex at birth.

Trans, or transgender (TG), refers to someone who is psychologically not in alignment with their biological sex. They are in the process of transitioning to the gender that they identify with. Or maybe they have already made that transition.

It would be safe to say that not all CD’s and sissies are necessarily TG. Some are, many aren’t and a good percentage—including me—don’t really know for sure.

Helping you to decide if you’re TG is way beyond my qualifications and pay-grade. That would be something solely between you and your gender therapist to figure out.

Like I mentioned above… your gender identity and sexual preference have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

So what about your Sissy Sexual Preferences?

Have you ever wondered if you’re gay?

There’s a good chance you have wondered since much of society views—through its antiquated lens—any genetic male who dresses in women’s clothes as probably being gay.

You don’t have to be so easily swayed by cultural influences however.

Discussions such as this can get complicated. So let’s strive for a bit of clarity.

The definition of ‘gay’ is two people of the same gender (their assigned sex at birth) being attracted to each other.

As a biological male, have you ever gotten excited by the thought of kissing a man?

Could you fall in love and marry a man?

If the answer is no, then you’re not gay.

When you’re dressed up and in full sissy-mode, could you see yourself having sex with a man? Maybe to validate your femininity?

If the answer is yes—and you’re identifying as a female—then you could be viewed as either bisexual or heterosexual, but not necessarily gay by any means.

Perchance you see yourself living and presenting as a woman full-time and are only attracted to genetic girls, or maybe other CD’s or TG’s. In my mind, you would then be a Trans Lesbian. And gay, I would guess.

It’s obvious that we’ve now moved way beyond black and white to where we’re now seeing several different shades of gray… or possibly pink.

Maybe you’re MtF TG—a female born inside a biological man’s body? If that’s the case and you’re attracted to males, then that would actually make you heterosexual. Right?

As a sissy it can be enlightening to ask yourself these types of questions. To continue on down the sissification rabbit hole, you need to know what your ideal partner enjoys doing when it comes to sex.

It can be difficult to find the perfect person that can complement your true sissy nature if you aren’t honest with yourself as to what-and-who turns you on.

It might be a man. It could be a woman. Maybe a TG. Or possibly another sissy, just like yourself?

Who will be able to satisfy your sissy sexual preferences, whatever they might be?

You know in your heart—or perhaps your gut—who that person is.

There’s no need to turn off the TV and hide in the hamper. You just gotta ‘sissy-up’ and be brutally honest with yourself.

Whatever gender (or genders) you enjoy being with, sometimes a sissy’s sexual preference revolves around remaining chaste and limp.

If that sounds like you, then a chastity device can help turn your pathetic cock into a small and soft sissy clitty.

You can read more about chastity devices in this informative article. They have the unique ability to greatly enhance a sissy’s enthusiasm.

More about being an enthusiastic sissy tomorrow.

Till then sweetie.