Sissy Humiliation

Sissy Humiliation is a popular topic around here, so let’s dive in. Have you ever felt that the transgender community, not to mention the general population, doesn’t really ‘get’ us sissies?

While a CD or a TG can feel misunderstood while being looked at with disdain, we sissies seem to be perceived as though we were invented by goat demons.

It’s sort of sad that even a crossdressing sister can’t seem to wrap her head around our submissive and subservient nature.

Many CD’s—and civilians alike— somehow expect our cocks to be as responsive as theirs. They can’t comprehend that sissies don’t have cocks—certainly not how they’re typically defined.

We have what we affectionately call ‘sissy clittys’. Our once-upon-a-time cocks have morphed—or are morphing—into something small and limp.

Our submissive makeup inspires us to see sensuality and sex, from a different perspective.

Others fail to fathom how sissies can possibly put up with being belittled, emasculated and humiliated.

But, unbeknownst to most, that’s one of the main drivers of sissyhood… the humiliation factor.

As you crawl further down the SRH, any fearful feelings of humiliation will gradually subside. You will come to welcome and even embrace being a humiliated sissy.

You might even begin to brainstorm creative humiliation ideas that you can use for fun and excitement. Create an account on our sissy community and get ideas.

Because as a sissy, humiliation is what turns you on, and keeps you turned on.

Shopping in the lingerie section can, at first, be humiliating.

Getting clocked at the mall by a group of verbally abusive teenage girls is humiliating.

Having your face slapped by a woman can be humiliating. In front of a group of women in a public setting it’s certainly humiliating.

Being pegged in the ass by your wife while locked in chastity can be humiliating. If her boyfriend happens to be watching, it is definitely humiliating.

Cleaning both of them up—with your tongue—after they’ve had sex is humiliating.

And the list goes on and on and on.

Inexperienced sissies tend to avoid potential humiliating situations.

By venturing on down the sissification rabbit hole, you will learn to lean-into and fully embrace these same demeaning and humbling scenarios which you used to shy away from.

All because thinking about or actually doing any of the above—and more—makes your little sissy clitty twitch in your panties.

Much of your sexual gratification is likely derived from being humiliated in some way.

Like being forced to drop your panties at a party so everyone can see your caged, shaved and chastised sissy clitty.

I know, just thinking about your pathetic cock being locked away in permanent chastity can cause your clitty to tingle with excitement.

In fact, now might be the perfect time to learn more about some of the cool chastity devices that are now available. If you would like to know more about them, check out this article.

So what are us locked-up sissies supposed to do for sex anyway? I’m sure you’ve got some interesting ideas.

So do I. Tomorrow.

Talk to you then sweetie.