Sissy Training Volume 2

The primary benefit of sissification or sissy training could be stated as:

“The exquisite experience of dressing up in pretty dresses, high heels and ultra-feminine lingerie which makes you feel, and look like, the submissive, subservient and sissified girly-girl that you are.”

If that didn’t quite nail if for you, my apologies. Feel free to modify the benefits of being a sissy that better suits you.

While the main benefit of sissification serves as the driving force behind your feminization endeavors, sissies sometimes fail to consider the secondary benefits that can be had.

Doing so will encourage—and motivate you even more—to venture down the SRH.

In our quest to move beyond the fetish/fantasy aspects of sissyhood and embrace a sissification lifestyle…

It can be enlightening to realize that the secondary benefits gained from becoming a sissy are in many ways more practical—and possibly even more useful in everyday life—than just looking so goddamn gorgeous.

For example, being a slim and trim sissy will allow you to wear form-fitting and sexier clothes.

Not only that, while getting slim and trim you will be employing a healthier lifestyle which will enable you to feel better, look younger and live longer.

A very nice secondary benefit to sissification, don’t you agree?

Let’s not stop there though sweetie.

Sissy Training – Becoming A Sissy

Becoming more feminine and sissy-like will invariably improve your overall hygiene and personal grooming habits. Again, a more-than-worthy side benefit.

Perfecting your makeup skills and shopping for fashionable clothes can expose latent creative talents that you never knew you had. Nice!

Bringing your feminine side to light will allow you to see the world in a more calm and peaceful manner.

Stifling your sometimes toxic male ego will turn you into a kinder, gentler person—sissyness aside. The world could use more people like that.

The resulting reduced stress of your enlightened world view, now seen through the lens of femininity, will help you to live a longer and happier life.

Finally, because you’re in the process of transforming your cock into a clitty—hopefully with the help of a chastity device—you will be inspired to explore other erogenous zones of your body, expanding your sexuality in the process.

Speaking of chastity cages… if you’re interested in learning more, I put together an informative article about those devious devices.

Anyways, there’s more to sissification than submissively serving a dominant Mistress or Master as a dolled-up, chastised sissy slut.

Becoming a better sissy can actually transform you into a better person.

If you were, perchance, previously harboring any shameful feelings or self-judging yourself in any way about being a sissy, hopefully you can now see that any such thoughts were nothing but ludicrous.

Sissification is, from my sissy perspective… all good.

Crawling down the SRH while you’re developing your unique sissy style can improve your life in ways that you may not have considered before.

Speaking of your own personal sissy style, it can be useful to narrow it down a bit. We’re going to do that… tomorrow.