Sissy Shift

Welcome to another installment of the MySissySchool weekly journal (The Sissy Shift). As a sister sissy, I appreciate your interest.

Okay, the subject line doesn’t refer to a shift as-in a dress or chemise. I’m talking about a sissy-mind-set-shift.

An enlightened perspective. A new paradigm, if you will.

Seems to me that some of us sissies have a difficult time accepting the girly-girl that we truly are.

Crossdressers may—or may not—be perfectly happy being a guy when they aren’t dressing-up. They certainly enjoy transforming themselves into a woman. But many CD are content with just being a man when they don’t feel inspired to dress up.

That’s not necessarily the case with sissies.

Of course, there are ALWAYS exceptions (and maybe you happen to be one of them), but the majority of sissies—if they could—would be thrilled by being a girl all of the time.


The issue stems from the fact that we live in a more-or-less, narrow-minded, unaccepting culture. Even though attitudes are evolving (it’s about time goddamit), it’s still not considered cool for us sissies to express our femininity anytime, anywhere and in front of anyone.

And that cultural consciousness, or culturescape, has managed to infiltrate down into our fragile sissy psyches… to the point that we can actually harbor feelings of guilt, shame and insecurity when it comes to expressing our femininity.

This is why I’m suggesting a sissy shift needs to take place.

To make this significant shift, we need to take into account some basic ‘truths’ when it comes to the differences between males and females.

Despite the black and white mentality espoused by the likes of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, males and females have more similarities than meets the eye.

Much of our fashion consciousness and sexual mores have been influenced by judeo-christian ethics—in the Western world anyway.

Considering that homo sapiens have been around for about 250,000 years, it seems rather short-sighted to think that only the female gender has the right to look pretty.

Having the privilege of wearing beautiful, sexy clothes appears to be more of a “Carla come lately” occurrence.

Recent scientific studies confirm that both men and woman share similar attributes in areas such as psychological makeup, intelligence and emotional stability.

And as far as their obvious differences, both genders have masculine and feminine sides to them, do they not?

Although biological males receive their Y chromosome when the egg is first fertilized, a human fetus doesn’t develop external sexual organs until seven weeks after fertilization.

Have you ever wondered why biological males have nipples?

Cut a GG hair off, remove her makeup and clothes and she doesn’t look quite as sexy—or ultra-feminine—anymore, does she?

Much of the modern woman’s feminine beauty, sexiness and desirability is superficially enhanced by hair, makeup, nails, heels and pretty dresses.

A biological girl’s freedom to enhance her beauty is condoned by the culturescape of our society. It’s not as if she was born to be to be a fashionista. If she wants to be super-feminine, she’s socially supported.

Sadly, sissies aren’t.

It might also be fair to say that we sissies have more femininity residing inside of us than some GG. Often-times, much more!

Now that we’ve brought a little perspective to the party, what is this sissy shift that I’m talking about?

Since we can’t alter current cultural consciousness—not near enough quickly anyway—we can choose to transcend it.

Perhaps if we dared to show our sissy side to the world and stopped conforming to cultural standards, maybe—just maybe—society would accept us for who we are?

Many people, both women and men, have decided to disdainfully repudiate public opinion across all timelines and segments of society. Steve Jobs did it. Joan of Arc did it. Elon Musk as well as Conchita Wurst are doing it.

Does unabashedly exposing your inner sissy require the same level of courage of a Joan of Arc? I don’t think so. That’s like comparing a steak made out of hamster meat to a filet mignon. Joan is the filet mignon.

All of the above people made an internal paradigm shift which allowed them to renounce conventional wisdom and live a life inspired by who they knew they were.

Or to put it more succinctly; they didn’t give a flying-fuck about what others might think of them. They just felt compelled to do their thing and live an authentic life.

And we sissies can do our thing too. We can make that sissy shift and start pleasing ourselves instead of futilely trying to please everyone else.

As Dr. Seuss once said: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Isn’t it time to make that shift to a place where we embrace our sissyness and start living a joyful life?

Until next week darling.


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