Welcome to Sissy School

Hi, my name is Jordyn and I’m the firm but understanding sissy that will be tightly holding your hand as we venture down this so-called sissification rabbit hole (SRH for short). Welcome to Sissy School!

I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate that you have entrusted your time with me. I take that trust very seriously, which means that I will treat your time with respect.

You may wind up changing your mind and decide that you’re not ready to take your sissy endeavors to any extremes right now. That’s fine, but… it’s worth taking a little peek down the hole, don’t you think?

Before taking that peek, now is the perfect time to pause briefly and evaluate where you presently are in your sissy journey.

A totally truthful and objective—if that’s possible—look at where you’re at with the prospect of living a sissy lifestyle.

Yeah, you heard me right. A sissy lifestyle.

Going down the SRH means moving beyond the fantasy/fetish aspects of sissification and prioritizing your sissiness so it makes up an important part of your everyday life.

A sissy wannabe just pulls his only pair of panties over his hairy ass and jerks off to mindless sissy pictures.

Maybe he even borrowed/stole those panties from his wife/sister/cousin?

After shooting his wad, he’s done thinking about sissification for a week, or two, or a month. Even though the thought of being a sissy is a BIG turn-on, it’s a temporary and fleeting one. He’s a pb, not a sissy.

Perhaps you’re different. You’re not a boy, or a man. You’re a sissy. Girly-girl to your very core.

And you’re ready to take things to the next level and travel down this sissy rabbit hole with me.


Sissy Rabbit Hole – My Sissy School

Now I realize that your current family-social-work-situation may not allow you to live as an ultra-feminine sissy 24/7. Not many sissies have that luxury.

There are always jobs, kids, wives, friends, girl friends, gyms and roommates that might not be as understanding as we would like them to be.

But none of that should prevent you from living some sort of a sissy lifestyle; even if it needs to be in a modified, stealth-like mode.

For example if you’re living in a situation that requires discretion, you could always shave your legs and/or paint your toenails. You do wear socks, right?.

Panties under your pants. Maybe even a garter belt and nylons.

Grow out your fingernails a tiny bit. Keep them filed and topped off with a clear, matte polish… looking pretty and feminine.

Then dare anyone to say a goddamn fucking word!

BTW, the only person who might notice this subtle form of feminine behavior will be another girl.

Wear pants or tops that could be considered unisex by today’s standards.

Get your ears pierced. It’s more than appropriate these days.

You get the idea.

And don’t worry. No one’s gonna go all medieval on you.

But all those things are merely the physical manifestations of your sissiness.

Sissy Transformation

Mindset is the most important part.

Embracing a sissy lifestyle means that you absolutely accept the truth that you’re an ultra-feminine, girly-girl on the inside. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon!

You’ve no doubt come to that concrete-clad-conclusion by now.

So it’s just a matter of living that “TRUTH” as best you can, given your current circumstances.

Perhaps you can figure out a way to modify your present situation that will allow you to express your sissiness more openly and and to begin living a sissified lifestyle more fully?

If you’re a sissy to the core, you’ll figure out a way.

Or maybe you’re able to pursue your sissification endeavors out in the open right now?

Regardless, it’s possible to live some kind of sissy lifestyle—albeit in a modified form—no matter what your situation is at the moment.

Plus, you may not be aware of all the side benefits that are available to you that comes with living a sissy lifestyle. But that’s another subject.

The truth is that there’s no other sissy that’s in the same, exact situation that you’re in right now.

The most important thing you can have going for you is a sissy mind that is always asking: “What else is possible for me?”

But in order to venture down the SRH, it’s imperative that you move beyond the daydream aspect and wholeheartedly embrace and accept your inner sissy desires.

No apologies; no explanations; no excuses; no purging. No nothing!

Only… I am a sissy. Not a wannabe. How do I best proceed?

BTW, as I briefly mentioned earlier, there are some unintended/secondary benefits that come with living a sissy lifestyle.

We’ll talk about them tomorrow. Until then sweetie.


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