Sissy Sex

Let’s talk about sissy sex. Once you’ve crawled down the SRH far enough, you’ll find yourself with a limp, chaste—hopefully caged—sissy clitty.

Manly masturbation has become a thing of the past. The distant memory of fucking girls has contentedly been replaced by the delight of expertly applying a set of false eyelashes.

You’ve traded a male hard-on for a tingling, twitching girly-like clitty.

What does sissy sex look like from here on out?

As a subservient, submissive sissy, sex will take on a whole new meaning for you. You are moving past sex as you used to know it.

Sissies are born to serve and that’s how you will obtain much of your sexual satisfaction from now on.

You get your sexual excitement while your Domme (or Dom) is enmeshed in the throes of ecstasy. Conversely, She or He finds it extremely erotic keeping you limp and chaste.

The inequitable power dynamic at play is beyond erotic. Your dominant partner may cum three times in one day while you may orgasm once in three months—if you’re lucky.

Eminently unfair by design.

Sissies that have reached this point in the sissification process are somehow able to bask in a continual crosscurrent of stifled, sexual frustration.

They don’t get horny like a man any longer. They find solace by being kept in a perpetual state of sexual submissiveness.

Any remembrance of masculine sexual urges have disappeared behind a cloud of disarray.

Internalizing their sexual urges in this fashion allows them to go about their day with a sensual, sissy sexuality that emanates from within their entire being.

What a nice way to live… a life of a sissy.

They still have an urge to express their sexuality however. Their sexual outlets may come in the form of licking pussy, sucking cock or having their sissy pussy penetrated by—whatever.

But most of their sexual energy is transmuted into subservience. That compliant, submissive nature can take on many forms. I’m sure you have your favorites.

A sissy has come to understand—probably better than anyone else alive—that lady-like masturbation is a highly underrated form of sex.

Over time, if a sissy is really lucky, she will learn to cum from anal stimulation only.

Once she is able to achieve sissygasms (aka hands-free-orgasm or HFO) on a regular basis, any desire to experience anything less than complete and total sissification will have completely vanished from her psyche.

The one thing that will enable her to achieve sissygasms is by keeping herself denied and locked away in a chastity device. You can learn more about chastity cages in this informative article that I recently wrote.

We’ve come pretty damn far down the SRH but there’s one more important aspect to sissification that still needs to be addressed.

Can you think of what it might be?

Tomorrow you’ll find out.

Till then darling.